OGP SmartScope Quest

The SmartScope® Quest™ is a high-accuracy metrology system designed to use a variety of sensors for full 3-D measurement. Accurate video measurements require accurate images and Quest offers the best optical performance available. The patented TeleStar® 10:1 zoom lens is completely telecentric and automatically calibrated throughout its range for distortion free, high-fidelity images – perfect for high-accuracy metrological applications.

All Quest systems support tactile, laser and micro-sensors for the most complete high-accuracy measurements possible in a single part setup.

MeasureMind® 3-D MultiSensor calibrates sensor data to a common reference frame so any sensor can be used in a measurement routine at any time. Additionally, most sensors used on SmartScope Quests are deployable and retractable under program control for unattended operation.

Software options for SmartScope Quest include seamlessly integrated programs for CAD import, contour analysis and fitting and customized report generation and data export.


SmartScope Quest Models


  • SmartScope® Quest™ 300 (300 x 300 x 250mm (12x12x10″) – Offers the measurement versatility and accuracy needed for the most critical and demanding parts. With an expansive XYZ measurement volume to accommodate large parts, it combines state-of-the-art video and autofocus to deliver high productivity. Add optional TeleStar® telecentric interferometric through-the-lens (TTL) laser, touch probe or micro-probe to configure a highly capable multisensor system. It offers a unique “elevating bridge” design that yields large XYZ travel with compact machine size. Axial straightness and perpendicularity are built in to meet stringent volumetric specifications and patented telecentric TeleStar 10:1 metrology zoom lens utilizes interferometric technology to provide excellent optical performance over its entire range. It also comes standard with MeasureMind® 3-D MultiSensor metrology software that accepts data points from all sensors and builds a model in 3-D space.
  • SmartScope® Quest™ 450 – An extremely accurate floor-stand coordinate measurement system designed to incorporate optical, touch probe, micro-probes and the patented TeleStar® telecentric TTL laser for versatility and accuracy. Both the 450 and 450 with extendable Y are designed to measure larger parts or to accommodate fixtures of multiple parts or rotary indexers. A solid granite bridge design platform rests on a sturdy, steel support structure. This yields high-speed stage translation without vibration, maximizing measurement throughput. The bridge design limits measured part motion to the Y axis.
  • SmartScope® Quest™ 650 – The largest high-accuracy system from OGP®. Its massive granite base and thermally stable Meehanite® bridge support high-performance linear motor drives. SmartScope Quest 650 provides high throughput and high accuracy simultaneously. It also provides high accuracy movement of large parts. High-speed linear motors in the X and Y axes move at a rapid 300 mm/sec. XY acceleration of 0.25 g and 200 mm/sec Z-axis speed contribute to high throughput. The system supports touch trigger and scanning probes, patented TeleStar® telecentric TTL laser or DRS™ off-axis laser and micro-probes for flexible measurement. Combined with Quest’s multisensor support, high-speed stages and the ability to switch between sensors at any point in a measurement routine, the dual-rotary option allows SmartScope Quest 650 to automatically measure complex forms like turbine blades, vanes and airfoils.
  • SmartScope® Quest™ 800 (790 x 815 x 250mm) – An extremely accurate floor-model coordinate measurement system incorporating touch probe, micro-probes and the patented TeleStar® telecentric TTL laser for versatility and accuracy. The Quest 800, with its extensive XYZ measurement volume (and available 300 mm Z axis), is designed to measure very large parts. A solid granite bridge platform rests on a sturdy steel support structure and the bridge design limits measured part motion to the Y axis, offering measurement stability. Its TeleStar telecentric Zoom 10 optics offer the highest level of optical performance and Quest 800 is also available with a wide range of contact and non-contact sensors for the ultimate in multisensor measurement versatility.