BENZ, Inc. Angle Head Tooling

BENZ, Inc. fixed and adjustable angle heads are designed to minimize downtime, machine complex and inaccessible parts, optimize machining cycles and reduce positioning work.

Angle Head Types


Fixed Angle Head


  • Unsurpassed quality, performance and value
  • X-Line Gear technology offers higher rpm and torque, longer tool life, compact design and increased rigidity
  • Standard (CAT, HSK, SK, BT) semi-standard and custom solutions available
  • Custom angle heads quoted according to users’ machine specifications
  • Torque arm is fixed on the angle head
  • Angle head design can be 1 or 2 outputs, offset, offset narrow or adjustable
  • 3-point torque arm is available for processes requiring additional rigidity
  • Can be used with BENZ Solidfix® modular quick change system
  • Available with or without internal coolant


C-Axis Angle Head


  • Designed and engineered for the aerospace industry and companies requiring multiple angles with one head
  • Angular adjustment utilizing main spindle
  • Clamp/Unclamp by coolant or air pressure
  • Position to predetermined angles
  • Final position locked into position by Hirth coupling


Adjustable Angle Head


  • Adjusts to tricky angles
  • Worm gear allows fast and easy adjustments
  • Does the work of multiple tooling heads
  • Available in small to large custom sizes
  • Ideal for general manufacturing and light production where angles need to change frequently
  • Reduces retooling and down time
  • Once in place, the angle cannot be knocked out of position
  • One-year warranty