Cimcool Cimpulse 45MP

Cimpulse 45MP is an oil containing multi-purpose, moderate-duty fluid for machining and grinding.

It offers high-performance without the use of traditional extreme pressure lubricants and is recommended for turning, drilling, milling, reaming, boring, tapping and grinding of most metals.

Cimpulse 45MP is not recommended for magnesium alloys.

Additional Information


  • For use in a wide range of water qualities
  • Excellent foam control
  • Does not contain DCHA
  • Machines stay clean and parts are easy to wash
  • Product leaves a light residue


Cimpulse 45MP is to be mixed with water for use. Always add concentrate to water. Fluid may be more difficult to mix when water temperature is cold. Add no materials to the concentrate or mix unless approved by a CIMCOOL® District Manager.

Grinding 5% – 15% (1:19 to 1:6)

Machining 5% – 15% (1:19 to 1:6)