Cimcool Cimstar 40

Cimstar 40 is a semi-synthetic metalworking fluid for use in light to moderate duty machining and grinding applications, such as milling, drilling, turning and surface grinding.

It was developed for use on ferrous and most non-ferrous materials and can be used on mild, stainless and hardened steels, as well as ceramics and exotic metals.

It should not be used on magnesium alloys.

Additional Information


  • Physical and chemical lubricant agents provide good machining and grinding ability
  • Oily residue keeps machine tools and work-piece materials free of corrosion and staining
  • Good on most non-ferrous alloys
  • Good rancidity control if product concentration is properly controlled
  • Additional foam control for high agitation systems


Cimstar 40BD is to be mixed with water for use. Always add concentrate to water. Fluid may be more difficult to mix when water temperature is below 55°F (13°C). Add no other materials to the concentrate or mix unless approved by a CIMCOOL® District Manager.

Grinding 5% – 10% (1:20 to 1:10)
Machining 5% – 10% (1:20 to 1:10)