Cimcool Cimtech 320Z with InSol Technology

CIMTECH 320Z with InSol Technology is a unique, low pH synthetic metalworking fluid recommended for heavy duty machining and grinding operations on ferrous and nonferrous metals, which includes heavy-duty operations such as form tapping aluminum and creep feed grinding.

InSol Technology puts lubricant at the cut zone-tooling interface so that lubrication and cooling are optimized. Since InSol Technology is water soluble, this performance lasts longer because of lower depletion rates. It can also help with tough alloys and even form tapping of aluminum.

CIMTECH 320Z with InSol Technology can be used on wrought aluminum alloys, cast aluminum alloys, cast iron, nodular iron, carbon steels, stainless steels, titanium and other exotic alloys. It should not be used on magnesium alloys.


Additional Information

  • Provides excellent tool life and surface finish, which can lead to 20 percent productivity gains over competitive fluids
  • Rejects tramp oil, which extends sump life
  • Provides excellent part visibility, is low misting, contains no DCHA and is mild to the skin
  • Very low foaming product, even when used with de-ionized water


CIMTECH 320Z with InSol Technology is to be mixed with water for use. Always add concentrate to water. Fluid may be more difficult to mix when water temperature is below 55°F (13°C). Add no other materials to the concentrate or mix unless approved Cimcool. Grinding 5% – 10% (1:20 to 1:10) Machining 5% – 10% (1:20 to 1:10)