Edmunds Ring and Plug Gages

It is critical that cylindrical material be stable and hard. Edmunds Gages only uses superb quality tool steels such as O1 or Alloy Steels such as 8620. They also heat treat the steel blanks to a minimum of 58 RC.

Incoming material is carefully inspected to ensure adherence to the hardening specifications. Subsequent grinding operations can introduce heat and stress. Edmunds Gages eliminates material fluctuations by putting blanks through a stabilization process, which involves cycling them through temperature extremes from -130 ̊F to 300 ̊F.

Special Features


  • When specified, Edmunds Gages can supply a Certification of Class or a Certification of Size. The size document provides actual size deviations from nominal for calibration points in two axes and three planes for each axis for a total of six readings.
  • They also supply a Statement of Uncertainty for the readings given and a Statement of Direct Traceability to NIST. These reports are complete in every way and meet or exceed all quality directives from ISO, OS -900 series, ISO10012, ANSI/NCSL Z-540-1, ISO Guide 25, including A2LA and NVLAP accreditation groups.