Farsoon eForm

Accessible laser sintering technology
The eForm plastic laser sintering system is a high value proposition system with all the functionality and power of our industrial level systems. This makes the eForm an ideal option from new users entering the industrial additive space to seasoned users looking for multiple machines that are material specific.
The eForm plastic laser sintering system is an entry level system with all the functionality and power of an industrial level system. With state of the art processing systems combined with Farsoon’s powerful control software the eForm is able to achieve highly detailed and functional parts.
The eForm comes standard with a streamlined touch screen based UI configuration for the production environment. With this intuitive interface operating laser sintering technology has never been easier.
The eForm like all Farsoon systems is offered with a full set of self-developed Farsoon software. This powerful set of tools enables a variety of functions from build preparation to machine control and operations while remaining completely compatible with third party software and material.

  External Dimensions(L×W×H)   1735×1225×1975 mm
  Build Cylinder Size1(L×W×H) 250×250×320 mm  
  Net Weight   Approx. 2100KG  
  Laser Type  CO₂Laser, 1×30W
  Scanner High-precision digital galvo system
  Layer Thickness   0.06 – 0.3 mm  
  Volume Build Rate2 Up to 0.8L/h
  Scanning Speed Max. 7.6 m/s
  Max. Chamber Temperature 190°C
  Thermal Field Control Eight-zone heater & Intelligent temperature control systems
  Temperature Regulation Continuous real-time build surface temperature monitoring & optimization
  Operating System 64 bit Windows 10
  UI Mode Real-time interchangeable expert mode and production mode
  Comprehensive Software BuildStar, MakeStar®
  Data File Format STL
  Key Software Features Open machine key parameters, real-time build parameter modification, three-dimensional visualization, diagnostic functions
  Power Supply EUR/China: 380-400V, 50/60Hz, Three-Phase. US: transformer sold with machine
  Materials FS3300PA, FS3401GB, FS4100PA, FS3150CF, FS3250MF, Ultrasint® PP nat 01, more materials to come