GSG Cylindrical Rings

All cylindrical Rings are manufactured to ASME/ANSI B47.1 AGD standard and ASME/ANSI B89.1.6.

All rings, regardless of size, are polished and lapped to size. Non-gaging surfaces are black oxide and ring faces are surface ground. Roundness and taper are non-accumulative and are not to exceed 50 percent of the applicable gagemaker size tolerance.

Sizes are available up to 28″.

Cylindrical Ring Styles


  • Small Ring Gages – The designs for cylindrical ring gages are described in ASME standard B47.1. Rings below 1.510″ are manufactured without a flanged outer diameter. These are available in steel, carbide or chrome.
  • Large Flanged Ring Gages – Above 1.510″ cylindrical rings are manufactured with a flanged diameter. The removal of excess material from the outside diameter reduces weight for easier use by the operator. These are available in steel, carbide or chrome.
  • Jacketed Carbide Ring Gages – The insert is solid Carbide while the outside is jacketed with steel. A solid carbide ring is too heavy and subject to damage on the outside because of the carbide’s hard and brittle makeup.