Horn Broaching

A cost-effective tool solution for making longitudinal slots on lathes and machining centers.

Horn USA, Inc. manufactures and supplies high precision carbide grooving tools designed to fulfill the expectations of end users regarding Productivity, Quality, Reliability and Environmental considerations that apply within individual market segments.

The development and manufacturing processes are subject to an approved quality control system which applies to design, product development, and component manufacture and production management.

Broaching on CNC Lathes


Systems: N105 / N110 / S117
Making longitudinal slots according to DIN 138 and DIN 6885 on CNC lathes and machining centers

  • Keyways from width 2 mm
  • Tolerance Classes C11, JS9 and P9
  • Hexagon Sockets from 2.5 mm
  • Torx® Sockets from T15
  • Custom Forms and Profiles on Request

Torx® is a registered trademark of Textron.