Horn Milling

The world’s most comprehensive standard range for milling by circular interpolation, slot cutting and profile milling.

Horn USA, Inc. manufactures and supplies high precision carbide grooving tools designed to fulfill the expectations of end users regarding Productivity, Quality, Reliability and Environmental considerations that apply within individual market segments.

The development and manufacturing processes are subject to an approved quality control system which applies to design, product development, and component manufacture and production management.



Groove Milling by Circular Interpolation


Systems: M306 / M308 / M311 / M116 / M313 / M328 / M332 / M335
Tool system with 3 and 6 effective teeth for:

  • Groove Milling
  • Full Radius Milling
  • Chamfering
  • Bore Milling
  • Thread Milling
  • Face Milling

Systems: M275 / 380 / 381

Cutter heads and side milling cutters with indexable inserts Type 314 bolted on one side.


Slot Milling


Systems: M101 / M310 / M382 / M383
Milling tool for:

  • Groove Millling
  • Slot Cutting

With indexable inserts


Thread Milling


Systems: M275 / M306 / M308 / M311 / M313 / SM328 / M332 / 380
Milling tools for producing:

  • Metric ISO threads
  • Whitworth pipe threads


Gear Milling


Sytems: M313 / M274
Milling tools for producing gears:

  • Up to: Module 6
  • Basic Profile 1 according to DIN 3972 for Finishing


Chamfer Milling


Sytems: M306 / M308 / M311 / M313 / SM328 / 380
Milling tools for chamfering:

  • Top and bottom of bores
  • 3 and 6 flute tools available


Face Milling


Systems: M306 / M308 / M311 / M313 / SM328 / 380
Milling tools for face milling:

  • ER and straight shank holders specific for swiss machines and small lathes


T-Slot Milling


Systems: M311 / M313 / M328
Milling tool making T-slots for:

  • Slot widths 17 mm, 20 mm and 24 mm


 Polygon Milling


Systems: M275 / 381
Tool system for making 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 edge faces on turned parts

  • Solutions for various lathes with driven tooling


Thread Whirling


Systems: M302 / 389
Tool system for making special threads on lathes

  • Standard and special solutions for the whirling heads realized for all common interfaces


Solid Carbide Tools


System: DC
Solid carbide milling cutter for Milling by Circular Interpolation

  • Groove Milling
  • Thread Milling – Partial Profile
  • Thread Milling – Full Profile
  • Chamfer Milling

Cutting edge diameter from 0.7 mm

Systems: DP / DS
Solid carbide milling cutter for:

  • Steel (soft and hard)
  • Copper
  • Graphite
  • Aluminium

Cutting edge diameter from 0.2 mm. Full radius, torus, micro, end, roughing and double radius mills




System: DG
Milling system with replaceable carbide cutting heads for:

  • Center Cutting
  • Groove Milling
  • Chamfering
  • Copy Milling
  • High Feed Milling


Milling with Indexable Inserts


Systems: DA / DAH
Shank and industry standard threaded connection milling cutter for:

  • Face Milling
  • Plunge Milling
  • Corner Milling
  • Chamfering
  • Angled Grooving

Positive inserts geometry for easy cut


Face Groove Milling and Fine Boring


URMA Modular System

  • Axial end facing with URMA IntraMax
  • Finish boring with URMA fine drill head