itpstyli Styli and Accessories

No matter the size, material or configuration, itpstyli has the industry’s largest selection of probing elements and accessories for all manufacturers of coordinate measuring and gear measuring systems.

Products and Accessories


  • Straight Styli – Styli in all sizes and range: Straight, mini, stepped and high accuracy available in all thread sizes (M2-M6) for major probing systems: Zeiss, Renishaw, Leitz and others. Ruby, Silicone Nitride and Zirconia balls for all applications from touch trigger to continuous scanning.
  • Extensions – Extensions in all materials: stainless steel, titanium, aluminium, ceramic and itpstyli’s EXCLUSIVE thermally stable construction: TEMP-COMP. Titanium ends for maximum rigidity at reduced weight.
  • Spherical Styli – Precision spherical styli in high quality ceramic construction.
  • Holders – Holders in all major thread sizes (M2-M5) in Stainless Steel and Titanium.
  • Adapter Plates – Adapter plates for dynamic and measuring systems for Zeiss (VAST/MT/ST) and adapter plates for Zeiss VAST XXT.
  • Star Styli – Star styli in every major configuration for all Renishaw and Zeiss probing systems.
  • Cylinder Styli – Cylinder styli in ruby, ceramic and carbide construction help maximize dimensional collection for sheet metal applications.
  • Disk Styli – Disk styli to fit all the major brands of probing systems: Ceramic, ruby and steel disks in a wide range of sizes and thickness.
  • Adapters – Adapters to convert from one thread size to another for all thread combinations from M2 through M6.
  • Accessories – Accessories including assembly wrenches, adapter plates (Zeiss style), cubes, knuckles, screws and more for customers’ assembly requirements.