LC Magna

Size does matter

The only 3D printer in the world that can deliver significant speed, volume and cost savings to your business today. We invented 3D LCD printing and the LC Magna 3D printer represents the pinnacle of our product development to date. Get in touch today and see how Magna can transform your business.

Get to market quickly – in days rather than months

With an LC Magna 3D Printer you’re not spending time on tooling and set up. The versatility of the LC Magna supercharges product design enabling you to move from prototyping to production in hours.

Build production volumes 

Whether it’s small batch, on-demand or full production the LC Magna 3D Printer is your perfect partner to consistently deliver accurate end-use parts at scale.

An agile and flexible solution

With end-use part costs comparable to injection molding, the LC Magna 3D Printer is the essential choice for those seeking an agile and flexible solution for product manufacture.

Beat your competitors

Combining speed, volume and cost benefits not achievable with any other comparable printer on the market today, the LC Magna 3D Printer delivers a genuine competitive advantage.