LMT Tools Double Feed Reamer

Many routine machining jobs can be done with standard tools; however, to significantly improve system performance, special tools are needed. Working with a manufacturer, LMT Tools is now able to produce fuel pumps more efficiently.


Quality and Innovation


The biggest challenge when reaming a component made of aluminium alloy with 12 percent silicone content is the close manufacturing tolerances. The following properties were required:

  • Tolerance – 12 micrometers
  • Surface quality – 5 micrometers (mean surface roughness)
  • Cylindricity – 0.01 millimeters
  • Rectangularity – 0.01 millimeters

Mainly interested in increasing the tool life and optimizing the entire process, LMT Tools and a manufacturer decided to pursue an approach of integrating roughing and finishing into a single work step.

The specialists at the French LMT Tools subsidiary constructed a reamer with cutting edges made of polycrystalline diamond (PCD). The new reamer replaces two other tools and allows a highly increased feed rate while the rotational speed and cutting speed remain unchanged.

In addition, tool life was increased by 25 percent. Users now only need one tool instead of two and are able to reduce costs by 40 percent.