Mahr Inc. Custom Fixturing



With MarSolution measuring devices, dimensional characteristics such as diameter, length, distance, height, position, runout and roundness can be measured quickly, easily and precisely. Workpieces are measured close to the production site either semi-automatically or fully automatically.

Based on the concept of differential measurements, solutions offered by MarSolution incorporate tactile as well as pneumatic metrology. Measurements are either static or dynamic, while additional functions such as weighing or engraving can be integrated into the measuring device.

  • Solutions – Always the suitable solution for users’ measuring tasks. Mahr offers solutions for different branches and industries.
  • Components – The MarSolution measuring devices include standard components from the Millimar amplifier program. Mahr components offer a diverse selection of possibilities for contacting, measuring value acquisition, calculation and display of results.
  • Software – Software D1200X – For the optimal use of the measuring device. A user-friendly software enables easy and fast creation of programs and forms.