Mahr MMQ 150

For proving the quality of your products, the MarForm MMQ 150 assesses the deviations of form and position as per DIN/ISO 1101 and documents them. Among these are:
• Roundness
• Straightness
• Flatness (from a polar trace)
• Parallelism
• Conicity
• Concentricity, coaxiality
• Run-out, total run-out
• Cylindricity
• Taper
• Perpendicularity (from a polar trace)
• Angularity
• Angle sector (roundness, flatness, run-out)
• Straightness evaluation sections



• High-precision measuring axis polar (C)
• Motorized measuring axis, vertical (Z)
• Motorized positioning axis, horizontal (X)
• Measuring accuracy, optimized for cylindricity tolerances
• Manual centering and tilting table
• Manual probe T20W
• Ergonomical operator panel; special measuring programs can be started by pressing the keys (P1, P2, P3)

Your advantages
• Immediately recognize production errors
• Minimize rework and scrap
• Document product quality
• Immediate use due to easy handling
• For production areas and measuring rooms
MarForm EasyForm Software for MMQ
The simple way of to measure form. Its intuitive operation allows instant measurement without programming. Thanks to the touchscreen technology, EasyForm is operated quickly and easily even without a mouse and keyboard. The required settings are limited to a minimum and thus extremely shorten the time to the finished measuring record.