MicroRidge GageWay Pro Interfaces

The design and capabilities of the GageWay Pro Series of gage interfaces reflects the knowledge gained since MicroRidge began designing and building the interface line of products in 1987. The output is normally dictated by the software that users want to bring the data into.

MicroRidge has built a level of configuration and control in the GageWay Pro Series that is not available elsewhere in the market. The advanced design of the GageWay Pro Series gage interfaces has built-in support for RS-232 devices. Any RS-232 serial device can be connected to the GageWay Pro2, Pro4 or Pro8 with an LC Cable adapter



GageWay Series Unique Features & Benefits

  • More advanced method of mixing digital gages and RS-232 devices on the same interface
  • Connect any RS-232 serial device without expensive adapter cable
  • Use the RS-232 expansion port on the GageWay Pro2, Pro4 or Pro8 for an extra RS-232 input or for chaining the units together
  • Comprehensive Windows-based setup software for the PC that allows extensive GageWay configuration
  • Direct connect network option
  • Data parsing that allows users to format the output in the manner needed for specific applications
  • The configuration of MicroRidge gage interface products allow them to be used with any SPC or data acquisition software

Communications Test Program

  • This Windows-based program allows users to test the serial communications between the GageWay and their PC
  • The Communications Test Program requires no setup and is a great tool for initially setting up interfaces or for troubleshooting when needed

RS-232 Support

  • Serial support is built into all of the GageWay Pro Series interfaces, which allows the interface to take any type of data format from an RS-232 serial device and accept the full string from the serial device. The user can format the output in the manner needed for a particular application
  • The GageWay Pro2, Pro4 or Pro8 have been designed to accommodate those who need to use digital gages or a mix of digital gages and RS-232 devices

Digital Gage Support

  • The advantage of digital gages is that the interface can automatically detect the gage output format, so the user doesn’t have to set RS-232 communications parameters
  • The 10-pin connector on the GageWay Pro2, Pro4 or Pro8 accepts standard Mitutoyo cables. MicroRidge also has cables for CDI, Federal, Ono Sokki and many others
  • Standard RS-232 devices can be connected to the 10-pin connector using the LC Cable adapter. If a user’s RS-232 serial device has a TTL level output, it can be connected to the GageWay Pro2, Pro4 or Pro8 without the LC cable

Output Format

  • Unique output formats can be specified for each channel
  • Select from several standard output formats
  • Specify a custom output format
  • Output calculated results (number of measurements, average, min, max, range, standard deviation) for a set of measurements
  • Calculate TIR

Computer Connections

  • The GageWay Pro2 has USB serial and USB keyboard wedge outputs
  • The GageWay Pro4 and GageWay Pro8 models have USB serial, DB9 serial, and USB keyboard wedge outputs
  • USB serial and DB9 serial outputs are for commercial data collection programs
  • USB keyboard wedge output is for Excel, Access, Minitab, and web-based programs

Read Switches

  • Each read switch is individually programmed to allow users to get readings from a single channel, all channels or specified channels
  • Users can control the entire unit with a single read switch
  • Users do not need a read switch for each channel