Mikron Tool ZBGF

With DC Swiss, Mikron Tool has found a partner which perfectly complements its own line of products. Founded in 1940, DC Swiss bases its high level of expertise on industry knowledge and experience.

It specializes in the development and manufacturing of high-precision threading tools and tapping solutions for the widest variety of materials and applications in the 0.3 mm to 160 mm (.0118″ to 6.294″) thread diameter range. Whether thread milling, drilling or forming, the versatile program covers all needs.

All threading tools from DC Swiss are manufactured according to the most modern and latest production technologies in Switzerland and guarantee users cost-saving and reliable production processes.




Additional Information


DC Swiss offers a complete program of tools for thread cutting:

  • Thread cutting taps
  • Thread milling cutters
  • Thread forming taps
  • Thread whirl cutters
  • Thread dies
  • Thread gages and accessories

Users can choose from four product lines:

  • Basic program in the diameter range of 3 mm to 16 mm (.118″ to .629″)
  • Technology program in the diameter range of 0.3 mm to 160 mm (.0118″ to 6.299″)
  • Complete program of supplementary products
  • Entry line


DC Swiss offers a multitude of solutions for challenging machining conditions:

Fit Line – Thread cutting taps with the best price-performance ratio. The perfect entry for users wishing to get to know DC Swiss products. For maximum thread lengths of 2.5 x d, suitable for materials good to machine such as steel, alloyed and unalloyed, cast iron, etc. All sizes standardized (DIN/ANSI) and available in UNC and UNF, especially for the U.S. market.

Difficult to Machine – Thread cutting taps and thread milling cutters for difficult-to-machine materials such as annealed steels, stainless steels (ferritic, martensitic or austenitic), nickel alloys and copper. For applications in medical technology and the food industry.

Microthreads – Nano-program for the smallest thread with a diameter of 0.3 mm (.0118″) and up. Thread cutting taps and thread forming taps for the widest variety of materials such as alloyed and unalloyed steels, stainless steels (ferritic, martensitic and austenitic), titanium, copper, aluminum alloys and precious metals like gold and silver.

Thread Whirling Cutter – Thread whirl cutters are ideal for the machining of threads in difficult materials (from 0.3 mm to 12 mm (.0118″ to .472″) and for thread depths of up to 4 x d (pocket holes). Whether it’s about low cutting pressures in a multi-purpose application, the machining of titanium and stainless steels or burr-free threads needed in the medical field, the different executions guarantee the best results. Available in M, MF, UNC and UNF threads.

Aerospace Industry – Threading tools, especially for typical and challenging materials, for aerospace industry applications. Aluminum or titanium alloys, stainless steels (ferritic, martensitic) and nickel-based alloys or superalloys (Inconel, Nimonic alloy and Hastelloy, among others). DC Swiss offers a wide range of tools as standard solutions compliant with ISO 3161 (MJ, UNJ, UNJF).

Chip Breaker – A thread cutting tap with a centrally controlled, straight cooling channel and special cutting geometry for breaking chips. The chip fragments are evacuated from the thread with the coolant through extended, straight-line flutes. For deep threads or threads with deep pilot bores; very high reliability.