Mitutoyo CMMs

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CMM Options


  • CRYSTA-Apex S – A high-accuracy CNC coordinate measuring machine that guarantees a maximum permissible error of *E0,MPE = (1.7+3L/1000)μm [500/700/900 Series]. Comparing the CRYSTA-Apex S with CMMs offering *E0,MPE of approximately (2.5+4L/1000)µm where a required tolerance on a dimension is ±0.02 mm, then the measuring machine uncertainty should be no more than one-fifth (ideally one-tenth) of that, i.e. 4μm. With the CRYSTA-Apex S, the measurement uncertainty remains within one-fifth of the dimension tolerance up to 30.2” (766mm). The higher accuracy specification of the CRYSTA-Apex S gives it more than double the effective measuring range in terms of accuracy-guarantee capability in this case.


  • CRYSTA-Apex C – Engineered and constructed utilizing Mitutoyo’s innovative CNC CMM technology, Crysta-Apex features lightweight materials and a stable structure. The result is a design that provides high travel stability, high accuracy and affordability. The temperature correction function 60.8°F to 75.2°F (16°C to 26°C) can yield accurate measurements even on the shop floor. In addition to the point-to-point measurement, the MPP-100 and a Laser Probe provide contact/non-contact scanning function.


  • CRYSTA-Plus M – Manual floating type CMMs were developed in a quest for high-accuracy, low-cost and easy operation. The Crysta-Plus M is suitable for measuring a wide range of applications from simple dimensions to complex forms. The scale systems on Mitutoyo high-precision models utilizes a high-performance linear encoder (manufactured by Mitutoyo), for detecting axis position. In addition, various technologies have been utilized in the structure, part processing, and assembly to provide high accuracy measurement. The Crysta-Plus M700 series has a large main unit and is equipped with a mobile clamp so that one-touch clamping on each axis can be performed by hand. Continuous fine feed over the entire measuring range can be performed, as well.


  • STRATO-Apex – High-accuracy CNCs and CMMs achieving 0.9μm for the first term. The series guarantees high accuracy and also high moving speed and acceleration achieved through improved rigid air bearings on all axial guideways. The scale systems on Mitutoyo high-precision models utilizes a high-performance linear encoder for detecting axis position. In addition, various technologies have been utilized in the structure, part processing and assembly to provide high accuracy measurement.


  • LEGEX – Has a fixed bridge structure and precision air bearings resting on the rigid guide ways ensures superior stability of motion and ultra-high measuring accuracy. Using FEM structure analysis simulation, the LEGEX series guarantees geometric motion accuracy that has minimal errors from fluctuations in the load and other variables. The LEGEX series CNC CMM is suitable for complex small to medium size workpieces such as a gears, bearings, lens, precision dies or other high precision workpieces that require dimensional accuracy with small tolerances.


  • PH-A14 – Graphics-based “Part View”constructions generate popular construction types, like Distances and Tangent Lines from within the graphical part view. Geometric tolerancing measures features, sets nominals, applies tolerances and views deviation results with only a few quick clicks. The PH-A14 also offers flexibility for report contents, while formatting allows for full customization of the data format, header information and header and footer graphics.