OGP TurnCheck

OGP TurnCheck Shop Floor Optical Shaft Measurement Systems are precision optical instruments designed to measure shafts and other cylindrical parts. The tough construction and mechanical and thermal stability delivery highly accurate measurements in shop-floor conditions.

QVI® TurnCheck™ Systems are precision optical instruments for measuring shafts and other cylindrical parts. Each member of the TurnCheck family is built for ease of use and consistent accuracy in shop floor conditions.

Series-6 models are benchtop units which can measure diameters up to 60 mm.

Series-10 models are floor stand systems, handling larger parts with diameters up to 100 mm.

TurnCheck systems are built for the people who use them, with advanced optics, rugged materials, and intelligent controls to make set up and measurement fast, accurate and easy.

Rugged Construction

QVI TurnCheck Systems are designed to deliver accurate measurements in shop floor conditions where vibration and temperature variation may not be tightly controlled.

TurnCheck is built on a rugged base plate with adjustable vibration damping leveling feet. A granite base on the Series-10 supports the rotary spindle and tailstock which hold the workpiece. The granite isolates vibration, and provides a rigid base for the rotary axis.

An extruded aluminum column with an internal lattice provides highly rigid support for the optical motion assembly. A patented bearing way design isolates the optical assembly from the effects of thermal expansion.

The tailstock beam is constrained radially, but remains compliant in the linear axis, decoupling the thermal expansion of the aluminum support column from the steel tailstock. Each carefully selected material is monitored and compensated to maintain thermal stability and long-term repeatability.

Advanced Optics Make the Difference

TurnCheck optics are designed especially for measuring shafts and cylinders. TurnCheck’s illumination system produces highly collimated light with a constant wavelength, which creates a clear, highly accurate image. The receiving optics are fully telecentric with each element designed to eliminate distortion. The result is a crisp, uniformly magnified image across the entire field of view, with no edge effects or exclusion zones.

The optics move vertically along the column on precision mechanical bearings to scan parts up to 1200mm in length. TurnCheck Series-6 models feature a precision helix mechanism which allow the optics to tilt ± 15° for proper thread measurements. A 0° detent ensures a repeatable return to center.

Designed for the People Who Use It

TurnCheck systems are designed with the user in mind. Controls are simple and set up time for new parts is minimal.

The adjustable tailstock is designed for one-handed operation. The operator never needs to leave a heavy part unattended while securing the tailstock. The tailstock position is monitored, so there is no need to define a scan length for the part. Just load the parts and go.

Once the part is loaded, TurnCheck scans and measures all points and features automatically. Preprogrammed parts report dimensions and apply tolerances automatically. To set up a new part, the operator selects the features of interest on the screen, inputs nominals and tolerances, and saves the routine. Set up time is just a few minutes.

Measurement tools are intelligent and intuitive – there is no need to adjust lighting, focus or image tools. TurnCheck optimizes these factors automatically.

Simple controls, easy loading and unloading, and intelligent tools let you focus on what you want to measure, rather than how to measure it.

Powerful Software

TurnCheck system software offers advanced image analysis technology for high speed optical measurement. Automatic feature extraction immediately finds and measures all part features in a single scan. With vertical scans at speeds up to 100 mm/sec, TurnCheck offers fast and precise measurement of known and unknown parts without programming or a CAD model. TurnCheck offers integral GD&T and best-fitting, and can output all point data for external analysis or reverse engineering.