VICI Vision systems perform fast and easy external dimensional profile measurements on cylindrical parts, such as shafts, valves, screws and threaded inserts.

Full-Scan™ processing acquires a complete profile scan of a part in one pass, allowing tens or even hundreds of dimensions to be measured in the same fast cycle time.

VICI Vision systems are rugged and designed for use on the shop floor for rapid feedback of part dimensions to the manufacturing process.



  • Allows for maximized productivity on the shop floor
  • Rapid vertical scan acquires a full-part image to extract its key characteristics and dimensions
  • Automatically rotates the part to orient it and acquire dynamic dimensions such as cylindricity, nut faces, cam profiles or turbine profiles
  • All data may be saved to the internal statistical control package and printed for inspection reports


Ease of Use


  • Self programming and requires little training to operate
  • A single click activates the part program, allowing dozens of part measurements to be accomplished in a few seconds, which provides detailed feedback




  • Measures roundness, coaxiality and angularity of fittings, grooves, threads and more
  • It simplifies complex measurements using built-in cam and turbine tools
  • Unique CAD comparison feature is also included