Mahr Precimar 828 CIM

The universal length measuring machines from Mahr are suitable for the absolute and relative measurement of precision products and test equipment. Typical applications here are products and test equipment used in the aerospace and automotive industries, precision engineering as well as series testing of test equipment in calibration laboratories. The PLM and CIM series thereby represent high-end length measuring machines that indicate the slightest length deviations and implement both semi-automated and automated test sequences. In other words: Metrology of the high-precision with extremely efficient processes, both in the measuring room and the calibration laboratory. The diverse range of accessory sets and components allows for the solution of the most diverse measurement and calibration tasks.

Model type
Comparator according to the Abbe principle with horizontal basic bed (highly homogeneous and rigid granite)

Measuring system
X-axis: High quality, high-precision incremental length measuring system (LIF), 300 mm length
Z-axis: Incremental Heidenhain illumination
system, 100 mm length

X-axis: Motor-driven measuring slide and automatic
Y-axis: Micrometer 25 mm (analog or digital)
Z-axis: motorized adjustment of object table
(semi-automatic / CNC-controlled)

Measuring force generation
Electronically controlled measuring force generation

•Measuring spindle via joystick as well as automatic contacting
•Measuring slide and tailstock are easily positionable due to air-bearings
•Motorized height adjustment of object table using joystick or CNC-controlled

•Precimar CIM 1000 CNC has the highest measuring accuracy: Unique low length measuring uncertainty for precision products and gage calibration management
•100% adherence to the comparator principle according to Ernst Abbe
•Online temperature monitoring
•Software-supported measuring force generation, especially advantageous for thin-walled workpieces and gage calibration devices
•Semi-automatic bore measurement and inside measurement
•High flexibility in the application range
•Numerous accessory sets and components in a modular system to solve different measuring tasks, incl. thread pitch, thread, tapered thread, toothing
•Measuring and evaluation software under MS-Windows, 828 WIN
•Patented measuring procedure
•Minimum measuring uncertainty due to the use of aerostatic guides for all slides supported by the machine bed, the mobile bearing of the measuring spindle over a spring parallelogram which is free of both play and friction, electronic regulation of measuring forces and automatic contacting. Subjective influences are therefore minimized and unintentional collisions with the test piece prevented