Mahr Precimar ULM


Comparator with horizontal base (highly homogeneous and rigid granite)

Measuring system

X-axis: Incremental, high-precision Heidenhain length measuring system, 100 mm (4 in) long

Z-axis Incremental high-precision RENISHAW length measuring system, 80 mm (3.15 in) long


X-axis: Manual movement and fine motion control

Y-axis: Micrometer, 25 mm (0.98 in) (analog or digital)

Z-axis: Permanent field motor for motorized adjust­ment of object table height with ergonomic manual control panel

Measuring force generation

Mechanical using weights


  • Measuring spindle, manual
  • Air bearings make it very easy to position the measuring element and counter-bearing (not with ULM 300)
  • Height of object table can be adjusted using buttons (also positioning of given increments)




  • Excellent measuring accuracy
  • 100% compliance with Abbe comparator principle
  • Online temperature measurement with 2 or 3 sensors
  • Computer-aided correction of systematic machine errors (CAA)
  • Computer-aided stabilization of instrument zero point
  • Computer-aided correction of temperature and measuring force influences
  • Measuring force remains constant over the entire measu­ring spindle adjustment range
  • Large object table (load capacity 25 kg (55 lbs)) guided with high precision in the Z-direction
  • Automatic reversal point recognition for static and dyna­mic measured value acquisition
  • Inside thread measurement is supported by automatic Z-positioning
  • Great flexibility in the application range
  • Large number of modular accessory sets and components to solve the most diverse measurement tasks, including threads, tapers, taper threads and gears
  • Measuring and evaluation software runs under MS Windows
  • Possible to use measuring axis risers


Details on metrological accessories are available on request.


ULM 300-E, ULM 600-E, ULM 1000-E, ULM 1500-E