Prolink GageStation

GageStation is a combination license of both QC-Gage and QC-CALC Real-Time for a gage bench.

QC-Gage is a full-featured data collection application for use with handheld gages. The software allows inspectors to enter measurement data by keyboard or through a direct connection to one or more gages. It displays this data both graphically and in table form and automatically interfaces with QC-CALC Real-Time. By using GageStation, users can identify and isolate out-of-conformance parts.

How It Works


QC-Gage simulates the inspection technique of an automated inspection device such as a CMM. Users program QC-Gage through a simple wizard by answering questions that describe the sequence an inspector must follow. These “Spec Plans” are saved and run by the inspectors, leading them in a consistent sequence of inspection.

When all data and trace information (serial number, lots, names, etc.) is entered, it is then sent to QC-CALC Real-Time, where the data is plotted and any reporting and exporting is performed.