Regal Cutting Tools End Mills

End mills cut material on both the periphery and end, simultaneously creating stress since the tool is held only at the spindle.

Regal’s design minimizes deflection and chatter, while facing, slotting and profiling can be accomplished with two or more flute tools.

Regal also provides a complete range of tools in high speed steel, cobalt steel and carbide for these operations.

End Mill Options


  • HSS (High Speed Steel) End Mills – There are many configurations of single and double end HSS end mills with a variety of flute configurations. High speed steel tooling is an economical product used in many machine tools not equipped with the latest technologies.
  • Cobalt End Mills – Cobalt steel resists abrasion and retains hardness in elevated temperatures associated with milling difficult machine materials. A variety of configurations are available for slotting, drilling and profiling.
  • Carbide End Mills – There are a variety of specifications for this complete line of carbide and solid carbide end mills manufactured from ultra-micro grain carbide, which improves hardness while maintaining toughness.