Regal Cutting Tools Taps

Taps produce helical grooves in a hole in order to insert a fastener. Unified Screw Thread Standard (ANSI B1.1) is an integrated system of threads for fastening purposes in mechanical and structural parts.

Regal’s taps comply with all standards and specifications and are produced from high quality steels and carbide to meet the needs of manufacturers.

Tap Options


  • Hand Taps – A complete range of machine screw, fractional and metric sizes is available with taper, plug or bottom chamfer. The tapering of the threads at the front end distributes the cutting action over several teeth.
  • Spiral Point Taps – Frequently called “gun taps” because they shoot the chips cut by the angular cutting edge forward. This style is the most efficient and cost effective when tapping a through hole. The two and three flute styles of spiral point taps allow effective chip evacuation and produce clean threads under normal production conditions.
  • High Performance Taps – The development of more difficult to use machine materials found in a variety of applications has spawned a need for taps made from higher grades of particle metal and carbide. In most cases the design of these taps is related to groups of materials similar in cutting characteristics. The design, coupled with sophisticated coatings, assures long tool life under difficult conditions.
  • Pipe Taps – Used when joining units are intended to accommodate the flow of liquids or gases, such as fuel, oil, water or compressed air. Some internal pipe threads are straight; however, the majority of these assemblies features tapered threads with inherent design which makes tapping more difficult than straight threads.
  • Spiral Flute Taps – Spiral flute taps are designed to lift chips out of a threaded hole while allowing adequate coolant to get to the cutting action. They are recommended for tapping stringy material particularly in blind holes.
  • Carbide Taps – Made from ultra-fine grain carbide with a high cobalt-content binder. This allows for the design of taps with high, shear cutting edges when needed to thread hard metal, inconel and other materials. The combination of the sophisticated carbide grades with advanced multi-layered coatings is suitable for tapping at high speeds and ensuring unsurpassed productivity.