Renishaw Manual Probe Heads

A range of fixed and manually adjustable heads that connect a touch-trigger probe to the machine quill, allowing flexible inspection of complex components.

Manual Probe Head Options


MH20i – A manually adjustable probe heads that combines the TP20 kinematic stylus module mount with two axis indexing. The A-axis rotates through ±180° in the X-Y plane. The B-axis rotates through 90° in the Z plane. A lever locks the head in one of up to 168 repeatable positions, set at 15° increments. The head is capable of carrying the full range of TP20 modules, which can be changed without re-qualification, providing qualification has taken place in each position with each stylus/module combination.

MH20 – A manually adjustable probe head with an integral TP20 kinematic stylus module mount. The A-axis rotates through 315° in the X-Y plane. The B-axis rotates through 93° in the Z plane. A thumbwheel locks the swivel in any position within the movement envelope of the head. Qualification must take place after each head adjustment, but TP20 modules can be changed repeatedly, provided qualification has already taken place and the head has not been re-adjusted.

MH8 – A manual indexing probe head with an M8 thread probe connection designed for use on small manual CMMs. It can carry any of Renishaw’s M8 probes and the reach can be extended by fitting a 50 mm probe extension bar.

MIH (Manually Indexable Head) – Positionally repeatable in 720 positions and features an autojoint probe mount for fast, repeatable probe changing. This ensures compatiblity with most Renishaw probes except multiwire (e.g. TP7M). An integral LCD enables easy programming with the facility to memorize up to 20 probe positions. It is designed for use with long probe extensions for larger components.

PH1 – A small, shank-mounted manual probe head with movement in the A and B axes, with limited overtravel protection. The PH1 probe is offset from the mounting shank Z axis.

PH5/1 – A five-way fixed head with “B” axis indexing, overtravel adjustment and accommodation for up to five probes simultaneously (not TP7M or TP200).

PH5 – A fixed probe head that is shank mounted for fitment onto a CMM. It carries up to five Renishaw M8 probes simultaneously (not TP200).

PH6 – A small diameter, vertical probe head with one M8 thread probe mount for a single probe, with an integral cable. The PH6M is a fixed-head with an autojoint connector for probes and adaptors.

PH6M – A fixed head with an autojoint connector for probes and adaptors, which is compatible with multiwired probes TP7M, OTP6M and SP600M, as well as the complete Renishaw probe range through the use of the PA series of adaptors.