Renishaw Motorized Probe Heads

The range of PH10 PLUS motorized probe heads increases throughput by giving automated CMMs the added capability of program controlled probe re-orientation. This enables the inspection of features at different angles without the need for frequent, time consuming stylus cluster changes.

Probe Head Options


PH10 PLUS – Offers three models, each of which can carry a range of probes and extensions and be orientated in 720 repeatable positions, giving access to the most difficult-to-reach workpiece features. All three variants of the new PH10 PLUS heads are now supplied with a revised repeatability specification, down from 0.5 µm (2σ) to 0.4 µm (2σ) (specified at a distance of 100 mm), giving users improved positioning at the stylus tip.

PH10M‑iQ PLUS – Supplied with a calibration file created during manufacturing. This calibration file is then applied by the probe routine on the CMM (which must be supported by application software). Following an initial calibration procedure, PH10M‑iQ PLUS allows users to operate the head/probe combination in every orientation possible without recalibration.

PHS1 – The head is not locked into position the same way as a PH10 indexing head. Instead, it is driven to approximately the required position and the axes of the head latches simultaneously with the axes of the CMM to give accurate measurements when a probing point is taken. A range of touch-trigger, contact scanning and optical measurement probes can be fitted and automatically exchanged.