Schunk Clamping Technology

TENDO has been a synonym for highly precise shank tool clamping for many decades. With its continual developments, this forward-looking clamping technology meets the constantly increasing requirements of demanding, universal precision machining.

TENDO is suitable for all commercially available shank types. A large selection of products ensures that the right solution for almost any application can be found. TENDO masters any challenge Рregardless of length or dimension Рfor milling, tool grinding or turning machines. Intermediate sleeves also make for versatile clamping ranges.

Schunk’s¬†Performance Promise. Your Benefits.

  • Highest run-out and repeat accuracy < 0.003 mm
  • Excellent vibration damping
  • Exact length adjustment, axial and radial
  • Set-up in seconds
  • TENDO is fine-balanced as standard (G 2.5 / 25,000 rpm)