Shape-Master Tool PCBN Cutting Tools

Shape-Master Tool was founded in 1976 as a niche natural diamond tool fabricating company. The company has since grown and evolved into a leading Polycrystalline cutting tool manufacturer, while providing some of the best edge quality in the industry.

PCBN Cutting Tools are typically used in the machining of Powdered Metals (sinter-hardened, steam-treated, as-sintered), Hardened Steel (alloy steels, tool steel) and Cast Iron (class 30 grey iron, heat-treated, ductile iron).

Product Information



Shape-Master designs and manufactures PCBN cutting tools that are specific for users’ I.D. applications. Where possible, indexable insert options are explored to help minimize cost per component. Shape-Master also produces indexable PCBN inserts with minimum bore capabilities down to Ø4.5mm and PCBN-tipped boring bars with minimum bore capabilities down to Ø1.6mm.



Shape-Master designs and manufactures PCBN groove tools that are to users’ specific width and depth requirements. Chip control designs are available for groove, profile and groove-turn applications. Tolerances of 2 microns are consistently held on insert geometries.



Shape-Master supplies users with a wide variety of milling inserts to support their PCBN milling applications. Shape-Master strives to achieve minimized cost per component, improved finishes and exceptional tolerances for minimized axial and radial run-out.



Whether the thread form is standard or custom, Shape-Master can provide the PCBN threading insert users need. Today’s exotic materials, high feed rates and specific thread designs pose many machining issues; however, Shape-Master can produce an insert capable of overcoming these issues and offers threading inserts with thread pitches ranging from .3mm to 38mm.



As one of the most common machining processes in the industry, Shape-Masters PCBN turning inserts come in all available ANSI and ISO insert designations. Abrasion resistance and surface roughness requirements are all taken into account for users’ applications. Dimensional tolerances and finish can both be improved by Shape-Master’s superior edge quality. PCBN segment sizes are established to cover DOC requirements and allow for resharpening.