This Quick and versatile multi axis machine offers many functions lil<e balance turning, a fully programmable B axis together with an independent 8-spindle backworking unit for maximum overlapping capability.

This modern machine is designed for large-diameter workpiece production and further enhances the SR series of machines. The rigid platen type tool post incorporates a “uniform load crops guide structure” which minimizes momentary load applied to the LM guide bearings and therefore improves tool post rigidity.

The balance turning function is made by means of the simultaneously controlled X1/X3 axes, the 3 spindle Counterface B axis unit enables angular drilling on both main & sub spindles and the Y axis-controlled 8spindle backworking unit, further enhances the degree of complexity of part that can be produced on this machine. The cartridge type power tool positions provide the flexibility to mount many different driven tools like Thread whirling, polygon milling and slotting units

For customers wishing to produce even more complex components with high accuracy and high production requirements, the SR-38B makes this possible.