Starrett Gages

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Height Gages


2000-24 Altissimo Electronic Height Gage – Innovative, easy-to-use and equipped with Starrett-exclusive functions that allow users to easily program measuring routines that run smoothly and reliably.

  • Hot key allows users to select measuring results on the fly
  • 0-24″ measuring range
  • Smart probe that can measure I.D. or O.D. without attachments
  • Electronically adjusted probe force
  • Large, easy-to-read interactive LCD with unique scanning meter for monitoring probe position
  • Electronically adjustable beeper volume


3751 Electronic Height Gage – Light, portable and easy to use for vertical measurements within its range. 0-150mm (0-6”) range with case (without output).

  • Easy-to-read LCD 8mm (.932″) high characters
  • Hardened, stainless steel bar for long life
  • Depth attachment PT08680A available for measuring depth of holes, slots and recesses
  • Fine adjustment thumb roll for precision measurements
  • Rounded nose scriber cuts clean, sharp lines with smoothness and less pressure
  • Lock to hold the slide in position


3752 Electronic Height Gage – A full-featured, versatile and economic solution for most height measurement applications. All measuring information from these tools can be entered directly into Starrett Data Collection Systems for analysis, data collection and hard copy documentation. It is available in 0-12″ and 0-24″ ranges. 0-600mm (0-24”) range.

  • Clear bar graduations in .100″ and 5mm increments
  • Large (9.65mm/3/8″), easy-to-read LCD display reads to 0.01mm or .0005″
  • Instant inch-millimeter conversion
  • Carrier and scriber designed to read from zero
  • Hold control feature retains a reading at any position
  • Plus or minus indication allows reading in proper direction
  • Ability to set zero at any position


Depth Gages


3753 Electronic Height Gage – Light and easy to use for depth measurements within its range (0-150mm, 0-6″).

  • Clear, easy-to-read numbers, properly sized for the tool
  • Hardened stainless steel body and slide for long life
  • Lock to hold slide in position
  • Fine adjustment thumb roll for precision measurements
  • Hardened base is 3-15/16″ (99mm) long, but optional base extensions of 7″ and 12″ (175 and 300mm) are available
  • Spacing between holes is 2-3/4″ (70mm)
  • Hook attachment, to take readings from the edge of a work piece to edges of slots, grooves, shoulders and other I.D. length dimensions


5004 Electronic Depth Gage – Ideal for large part measurements. Gage features three movable bridge attachments that provide additional large part measurement capacity. This model provides 0-12″ (0-300mm) range. 0-12” (0-300mm) range with RS232 data transmission port.

  • Ideal for large part measurement up to 12″ (300mm)
  • Hardened stainless steel construction
  • Coolant resistant
  • Mode and Set buttons control a wide range of functions: On/Off, Absolute/Relative display, Inch/Metric display, Preset and Hold
  • RS232 data transmission port
  • Includes offset attachment PT06136


450 Dial Depth Gage – Ideal for the individual mechanic. Light, reliable and accurate for measurements to .001″ or 0.02mm and able to fit in most toolboxes. 0-6” range, .001” grad.

  • Sharp, easy-to-read dial graduations of .001-.100″ in one revolution
  • Black graduations on the satin chrome finished bar, every .100″ or 1mm
  • Lock screw for dial bezel and holding the measuring rod in position
  • Optional base extensions of 7″ and 12″ (175 and 300mm) are available to increase the base span on both models


640JZ Dial Depth Gage

  • Direct reading tool, referencing from its hardened and ground bases
  • All bases in series are 2-1/2″ (64mm) long
  • Quicker and more convenient to use than any depth gage with its ranges and accuracy
  • Electronic indicators can be furnished by special order
  • 0-1/2” range, .0005” grad., 0-50 dial
  • Case included


644 Dial Depth Gage – Used for longer ranges and is accurate and simple to use.

  • Furnished with three rounded-end contact points to cover the range
  • Flat end contact points are also available on special order
  • 0-3″ range
  • .001″ graduation
  • 0-100 dial reading
  • Case included


643 Dial Depth Gage – Has a knife-edge base and a needle point contact which has been hardened and ground. The knife-edge base has a cutout so that the conical point can be precisely positioned for close work.

  • Needle point is 1/2″ (17.7mm) long with a 40-degree included angle
  • 0-.125″ range
  • .0005″ graduation
  • 0-25-0 dial reading


Bore Gages


AccuPlug Bore Gage – Designed to give the operator greater speed of use, unmatched measuring accuracy and superb repeatability, especially in harsh shop floor environments. Advanced handheld ergonomics allied to an ingenious mechanical/electronic system render it Starrett’s simplest operating gage to date. The flexible nature of the AccuPlug range means that it can be supplied and fitted with easy-to-read electronic indicators (ideal for automatic data collection) and conventional analog indicators.

  • Ranges from 0.2362 – 11.0236″ (6 – 280mm)
  • Tough, robust construction
  • High durability, long-life plugs and contacts
  • High accuracy dedicated plug-gages
  • Flexible, modular
  • Handheld measurement
  • High visibility display


781 AccuBore – A high-quality, trigger-activated, three-point contact bore gaging system with extended range. Its convenient single-hand operation provides speed and control. It also features an easy-to-read digital display as well as mechanically-driven parallel anvils which extend simultaneously, establishing a more true alignment to the axis of the bore, which provides consistent pressure and more accurate readings as opposed to models with spring-driven contacts.

  • Single-hand operation with right- and left-hand viewing flexibility
  • Large, easy-to-read digital display
  • Enhanced wear life with carbide-faced contacts – available from 1/2″ to 8″
  • Convenient “Go/No Go” tolerance indicator lights
  • True alignment with mechanically-driven parallel anvils
  • Push button inch/metric conversion


84 Dial Bore Gage – Allows for bore measurements beyond size range of Starrett’s 82 Series. It is a comparison gage and should be set with a master ring gage, gage blocks with parallel jaws, outside micrometer or vernier caliper.

  • Can be easily held to inspect bores and hole sizes without removing the workpiece
  • Adjustable range screw and two centralizing plungers provide accurate, three-point contact for tool alignment in larger bores
  • All contacts and centralized plungers are of hardened tool steel for wear and spring-loaded for sensitivity
  • Housing and knurled handle are aluminum for light weight and good balance
  • Dial indicators have jewel bearings for sensitivity
  • Wood case included


3089 Series Dial Bore Gage – Offers precision, a full compliment of features and excellent value. 1.4” – 2.4” range; 6 contacts.

  • All anvils laser marked for easy selection
  • Gage chart for quick and easy anvil selection
  • Includes sturdy aluminium case with cutouts for gage and all accessories
  • Ergonomic design with non-slip insulating grip
  • Carbide contacts for extended wear


82 Dial Bore Gages – Available in convenient sets or with individual probes and dial indicators. All probes are furnished with an actuating rod. These gages are also available with electronic indicators by special order.

  • Useful for controlling approach to tolerance without removing the workpiece
  • Each set consists of a dial indicator, a body and actuating rod, two adjusting wrenches and the probes
  • The split-ball contact is self-centering and the two-point contact detects hole geometry problems such as taper, bell-mouth and out-of-roundness
  • Furnished in attractive, protective case