The Tschudin™ T35 is the modular cylindrical grinding machine for production, satisfying the most varied applications needs in the production of medium and large series. Hydrostatic guides and a large application range, from small integrated handling to complex systems with autonomous cells. The production machine offers synchronous processing, prism and rod grinding, and integration of additional operations. Distance between centers up to 400 mm, height of centers 175 mm, weight of workpieces 150 kg.

Tschudin T35
Distance between centers 400 mm
Grinding length 400 mm
Center height 125/175 mm
Max. workpiece diameter 249 mm
Workpiece weight
Between centers 150 kg
Base/Table slide
Travel Z-Axis 600 mm
Rapid Traverse 15 m/min
Resolution 0.1 µm
Wheelhead OD
Wheel (appl. spez.) 400 – 500 mm x 80 mm x 203.2 mm
Diameter up to 600 mm
Width up to 120 mm
opt 500 mm x 120 mm x 203.2 mm
Peripheral roller bearing 0-120 m/s
Peripheral hydrodynamic 45/60 m/s
Spindle speed V const (opt) min-1
Motor output 10 kW (opt. up to 20)
Spindle speed 5 – 1,500 min-1 (opt. 3,000)
Motor output 2.1 kW
Spindle nose taper MT5 / Ø 70 mm // MT6 / Ø 90 mm
Spindle nose bore 34 mm
Spindle torque 20 Nm
Sleeve retraction 80 mm
Internal taper MT3
Control Bosch / Siemens