The Hardinge TALENT GT machines not only set the standard in “high-performance” gang tool turning but offer an exceptional combination of features for accuracy, flexibility and durability in a compact design. TALENT GT machines have been designed to help maximize the ever demanding process requirements today.

Enhanced integrated automation capability and automated robotic component parts handling capabilities make the TALENT GT machines an outstanding choice. Depending on how you decide to configure your machine, it can be used as a stand-alone unit, a higher capacity system with a bar feed, or a fully automated system using gantry or robitic units.

Talent GT42
Spindle Nose A2-5, 16C Collet Ready
Power Rating 7,5 kW
Spindle Speed (max) 6.000 RPM
Through Hole Diameter 42 mm
Max. Machining Diameter 65 mm
Max. Turning Length 210 mm
Vertical Gang Slide Configuration 12-Tool Holders (max)
CNC Control
Fanuc Oi-TF
Siemens 828D
Approx. Machine Weight
Machine Dimensions (L x D x H)
3.650 kg
1.970 mm x 1.660 mm x 1.936 mm