VICI Techno Range

The variety of VICI Vision’s Techno Range ensures benchmark reliability. Given the wide scope of measurement ranges offered, this machine is designed to adapt to current and future manufacturing demands.

From 40 to 180 mm in diameter and 300 to 1250 mm in length, the modular range of the Techno series can provide users with the most suitable machine for production.

Product Features

The Techno Range’s high resolution allows for detailed images and captures even the smallest of features. And with dimensional control directly on the shop floor, each part produced by the CNC lathe can be measured within the production environment.

The Techno Range affords users greater productivity with fast and efficient changes on smaller batches.

A single system can also operate next to multiple machining centers, involving more than one operator.


Additional Information

The Techno Range is able to reduce machine downtime thanks to immediate inspection without the need to leave the workstation. This also causes a significant reduction in rejects, which are indicated by measurement trend graphs.

VICI Vision’s Tool-loop also makes it possible to set the interface between Techno Range and the workstation to automatically correct tool parameters. This function eliminates human error and speeds up tool parameter settings. Through eliminating human error, operators can now be more independent during inspection. Tool offsets can also be adjusted before parts are out of tolerance in order to reduce the amount of rejects produced.