Voisard Resharpening Services

Voisard Tool is a leader for tool resharpening and reconditioning services.

They grind and refurbish solid carbide cutting tools including end mills, drills, step drills, reamers and compression routers.

From complex to simple, small lot to high production quantities, Voisard Tool can resharpen users’ tools to tight tolerances with consistent accuracy.

Resharpening – Edge Preparation – Coatings – Laser Etching


Quick Turnaround

  • Resharpened tool deliveries are given the same priority as new tool deliveries
  • Prompt deliveries reduce the amount of tool inventory required

High Quality

  • Tools are resharpened on the same machines they are manufactured
  • CNC repeatability ensures consistent tool performance


  • Resharpened tools perform like new tools at a fraction of the cost