Introducing the VOUMARD® 1000 internal grinding machine, the new standard in ID Grinding.  The innovative system improves the precision and productivity for the most demanding machining applications.  The rigid base, hydrostatic guideways on all axis, and the new user interface on our controls will help deliver on your most challenging requirements.

With its almost infinite configuration options for the widest range of grinding operations, the Voumard 1000 delivers an excellent price/performance ratio.


  • Innovative HYDROLIN®
  • Hydrostatic Guideways
  • Linear Motor with Thermodynamics
  • New Kinematic Machine Design with Two Linear and Two Rotary Axis
  • Reduce to two high end axis with positioning in sub micron range
  • Compact Machine Design
  • Control Fanuc31i with Blue Solution (Black Solution for CAM Functionality also available)

Workpiece length 300 mm
Swing diameter < 300 mm
Max. workpiece diameter < 300 mm
Supply voltage 400 V / 460 V
Max. workpiece weight 50 kg at a max. speed of 3,000 rpm
Max. workpiece weight 200 kg at a max. speed of 1,000 rpm
Z axis travel 450 mm rapid traverse max. 20,000 mm / min
X-axis travel 450 mm rapid traverse max. 20,000 mm / min
Swivel range B1 axis 330 degrees with a swivel time – 3 sec.
Swivel range B2 axis 225 degrees with a swivel time – 2 sec.