Wikus Carbide Band Saw Blades

Wikus Carbide Band Saw Blades are available in specially ground and/or set tooth geometries. They deliver excellent results in every application thanks to the varying degrees of hardness and compositions of the carbides used.

They ensure a very high cutting performance for increased machine productivity, while the coated premium blades aid in maximum cutting performance.

Carbide Band Saw Blade Specs


  • Sales units – Coils of up to a max. of 50 m. Welded-to-length band saw blades
  • Band widths – 13 to 125 mm
  • Tooth shapes – S, K, T, TSN
  • Tooth pitches – Constant: 1.25 to 4 teeth per inch (tpi)
  • Variable – 0.7-1.0 to 3-4 tpi
  • Types of tooth set – SD
  • Special designs – PW
  • Available for article groups 541, 545, 548, 645, 648