As the global leader in non-destructive testing, we’ve been a part of the world’s progress helping develop safer parts for cars; making sure that even after hundreds of take-offs and landings a jet liner is safe to carry its passengers into the sky; testing the steel used in the tallest buildings to ensure that those who live and work in them are safe.

We’ve helped men land safely on the moon and return to earth.

And today, men and women live safely in space on the International Space Station thanks to Magnaflux.

Magnaflux is there to ensure materials used to build everything from automobiles to bridges, airplanes, heavy machinery, buildings and railroads, can handle the stresses of everyday use and help engineers, technicians and mechanics know when those parts have reached the end of their useful life.

Product Areas

  • NDT Liquid Penetrant Inspection
  • NDT Magnetic Particle Inspection

Magnaflux Products