Mahr Inc.

Technical innovation and quality-oriented thinking are the core competencies of successful businesses. Both competencies are not possible without metrology. Measurement instruments verify research and development results and document product quality. Without continuous advancement of metrology, there would be no technical progress. Mahr offers various measuring instruments to solve your specific measuring task.

Customers globally rely on Mahr Metering Systems accuracy for gear pumps & meter mix dispense machines.

Product Areas

  • Calibration & Setting Machines
  • Form & Position Metrology
  • Surface Finish
  • Optical Shaft Measuring Technology
  • Height Measuring Technology

Mahr Inc. Products

Precimar PLM
Precimar 828 CIM
Precimar ULM
Precimar SM 60
Precimar ICM 100 IP
Precimar 826 PC
Precimar 130B

MMQ 100
MMQ 150
MMQ 200
MarForm MMQ 400-2
MarForm MMQ 500

3D Surface Topography
Surface Measurement Lab
Portable Roughness Testers

Scope 600 Plus 3D
MarShaft Scope 250 Plus

Digimar 816 CL
814 N
814 G
814 SR
Digimar 817 CLT