The industrial revolutionaries

Photocentric is leading the way in helping businesses evolve via 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing.

We have been successful in bridging the gap between prototyping and injection molding for clients from all industries, using LCD screen technology for 3D printing- the concept we invented.

Whether trialling new products, looking to begin rapid production whilst waiting on tooling, producing on a lower volume, looking for a speedy go to market response, or delivering bespoke products, Photocentric has been able to assist with the production needs of our clients.

If you are looking for a printer to support your production or specialist 3D printing assistance, we can help.

To support our award-winning 3D printers, our in-house chemists have developed a range of 3D printing materials to suit the needs of various industries. Our resins are also compatible with other common printer manufacturers.

Product Areas

3D Printers

  • LC Magna
  • LC Opus
  • LC Maximus

3D Materials

  • Daylight Resins
  • UV Resins

Photocentric Products

3D Printers